Who we are

We'd like to introduce ourselves.

Our Artists

Mount Elbert Designs is a collaboration of three Colorado natives - Laura, her sister and sister in law, who love creating unique items to help you decorate your life.

I'm Laura and I started exploring making bead jewelry as a way to encourage visual creativity in my boys. Well, as usually happens as one offers a pallet of opportunities to oneís children, it wasn't the boys cup of tea but I was hooked. That was 15 years ago and in the mean time I also hooked my sister and sister in law into beadwork too. In addition I am partner in our family lodging business, Mount Elbert Lodge, and love to play with yarn and stamped cards.
Rae Marie: Hi, I was born on the Western slope in Montrose CO and grew up in Fort Collins. After meeting my husband 24 years ago we have now planted ourselves in Lakewood and are here to stay.
I have been an RN for over 25 years and received my Masterís degree as a nurse practitioner in 1997. I love my vocation but it can be stressful along with caring for my husband who broke his neck in 1976 and is quadriplegic. George and I have a busy life with my work, his care, and keeping our two rambunctious Golden Retrievers, Elli and Kate out of trouble.
I was drawn to earring art when my sisters-in-law, Laura and Anna, opened up a whole new world of relaxation and creativity - they taught me how to make earrings. Thus, my art comes to you as beaded earrings and a message that we all need to relax and allow our creative side to shine through. I hope you find my earrings creative, fun, dramatic, and colorful.
Blessings to you all,
Mt. Elbert Designs Twin Lakes CO 719-395-2264 laura at mtelbertdesigns dot com